Handmade Natural Soaps

Our beeswax soaps are handmade from start to finish. We carefully make them in small batched using only natural, 100% biodegradable and beneficial ingredients: food-grade vegetable oil for moisturizing, coconut and palm oil for rich lather, pure beeswax for long-lasting and other oils and butters chosen for their skin-conditioning properties. A limited range of other natural ingredients are mixed with the base: oatmeal, honey, healing herbs and botanical oils. All the colors of our soaps are natural.

All of our batches are mixed by hand and poured into wooden molds which are wrapped in blankets for saponification. After two days, we unfold the soaps and cut the bars which we let cure for three weeks. No bar will be identical and all weight approximately 4 oz.

We only sell soaps that we love and use for ourselves. Once you experience the sensation of handmade soap, you will never go back to commercial ones!


To extend the life of your soaps, allow them to drain and keep them dry between uses.

Honey soap Honey/

Honey attracts and retains moisture. It also acts as an anti-irritant. This soap is a wonderful combination of sweet, golden honey mixed with a very thin of rich oily almond crush.

Oat soap Oatmeal / Cinnamon

Oat is the perfect choice for a gentle scrub that comforts dry sensitive skin.

Lavender soap  Lavender

Lavender is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It was commonly used in Roman baths to scent the water.

Rosemary - Spearmint  Rosemary / spearmint

Rosemary is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. We add Spearmint for its freshness and stimulant properties.

Lemongrass/Sage soap  Lemon Grass / Sage

Lemongrass is an antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral. It also has good deodorizing properties. Sage is an herbaceous essential oil and is often used for its calming notes.

Honeysuckle / Honey soap  Honeysuckle / Honey

A heavy floral scent that lingers for a long time. A fabulous anchoring aroma.

Sage / Verbena soap  Sage / Verbena

If you like herbaceous scents, then you will certainly love this one.

Vanilla / Coffee soap  Vanilla / Coffee

Vanilla is delicious on its own but we decided to mix it with coffee because the coffee grinds make a great exfoliant. This soap is also great for cooks because it removes food odors from your hands.