Honey bees are not aggressive in establishing hives and during the swarming period (May to July, when the beehives become over populated). However they may have a vigorous defensive behavior when they perceive attackers, or when they are disturbed by animals or humans.



Queen & Honey Bees on Brood



Bees and Honey Bee

Honey bees and bees

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Swarm removal

We offer free Honey Bees removal when swarms are hanging and when the removal does not require any tools or permit. This offer is only available within a four (4) mile radius of Milford, NJ 08848.

Honey Bee Swarm
Queen cell
Bee Hive Entrance Saturated

Honey Bee structure removal

We are also offering Honey Bee structure removals when we think the job is possible, without too many damages and when security will not be jeopardized. Whenever possible, we will give you an estimate by phone or email. If we need to go on site for an estimate, we may ask for fees.

JC taking honey bees out of a wall
Honey bees in a wall
Swarm in a barn
JC at Echo Hill park
JC at a supermarket



Bea at Califon Park

Bee Presentation

We believe that educating the public about bees and beekeeping  is one  of the beekeeper's critical missions. This is why we dedicate a lot of time to meet this goal. Call us for fees and schedule.